New Season FW'17: Scandinavia gets turned upside-down for R'Belle's new Fall collection

Can't get enough about real Nordic style? Follow ALALOSHA's choice - and you'll know how to dress like a true Scandinavian.
The new Fall-Winter 2016 collection kicks off with R'Belle wandering the fjords of Scandinavia.

Imagine an adventure that takes you to all four corners of the world. A journey from one magical place to the next. From a Scandinavian mountain peak to the top of the world in the Himalayas. For the Fall-Winter 2016 season, Mr Shrunk and Mademoiselle R'Belle wander the world from the cold north to the Far East. They might just stumble upon a fifth corner of the world while they're at it. The season's story starts on the fjordic coasts in Norway, with curious twists on Scandinavian cool.

In a tiny Nordic village, Mr. Shrunk is rarely caught inside thanks to super-chunky knits in reimagined nautical patterns. We see Ms. R'Belle in Scandinavian intarsia hoodies and worker pants in North Sea blues. For both, the play on classics is completed with carefully crafted sweat pants and fresh takes on Breton tees. Washed whites and off-ecrus paint the main palette. Tech-parkas with flash-contrasts of lighthouse-orange keep the extra icy blasts out.

For the second part of our winter journey, we fast-forward to a secret-poets clubhouse in the Scottish Highlands. Tartan and tweed clash happily with prints of wild enchanted forests. Our club hosts venture into the woods with knits and sweats bulking in pop-varsity badges. Heading back in as party guests arrive, Mr. Shrunk slips into his pied-de-poule suit, dress shirt and bow tie. Mademoiselle R'Belle joins him in a dress that plays preppy twists on metallic and sports details.

The last part of our exploration brings us to breathtaking Tibet. Earth tones and cardigans in biker shapes make up Mr. Shrunk's Himalayan uniform. Tibetan patterns appear on shirts and hoodies, while corduroy readies them for trails across the landscapes. R'Belle looks further East and adds Oriental florals and bright bird motifs to the mix. To top it all, she wears striped dungarees with a hint of glitter under her Tibetan jacquard duffle coat. For our little wanderers, getting lost and found all over the globe is the only way to spend winter.


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