A frozen interview with children's photography duo Barbara & Victoria

Winter is the best season of the year. It's full of miracle of miracles and one of them is already here. Meet a frozen interview from a very talented and one of the best children's photographers of Russia Barbara Shuravina and Victoria Grigorieva who work together on a collaborative basis as photography duo Barbara & Victoria.

How did you start out? What sparked your interest in photography?

Victoria: We started out as amateur photography. We’re not that kind of persons who always dreamed about this kind of profession. But, I think, professional photography is an excellent career choice for anyone who wants to be involved in art or in fashion. That’s why we are here.
Barbara: Exactly, you should to have a desire to capture life around you, to photograph those fleeting moments and make them eternal through your camera. You should to have a deep passion for the adventure lifestyle thus camera become your most important feature and photography a huge part of your life.

How would you describe your photographic style?
Barbara & Victoria: Very charismatic, imaginative and colorful children’s portraits and photography.
Any celebrity or model would you most like to work with?
Barbara & Victoria: All kids we worked with are celebrities for us.

Who inspires you and how do you find inspiration for your photo
Victoria: The miracle of life: Nature, sun, weather - all these have a big meaning and influence for us.
Barbara: And, of course High fashion. How can we live without ?

How long have you worked as a duet?
Barbara & Victoria: We have worked as duet since 2009

Is it difficult initially for the two of you to click in terms of building concepts and establishing roles?
Barbara & Victoria: The most important thing for us is real meeting of minds. The different point of views doing our work more lively and interesting. We never plan our work as a duet, we prefer to catch the wave of inspiring during work.

Are you a Mac or PC lover?
Barbara & Victoria: PC - in the old way

Do you prefer studio or natural light photography?
Victoria: Usually we prefer natural lighting, but all depends on the situation.
Barbara: It’s true, there is a time and place

What is your philosophy when it comes to making pictures?
We adore eclectic style and trying to bring a fairytale to each shot.

What piece of equipment would you most like to get but you don’t have yet?
Barbara & Victoria: Lighting!!! A lot of lighting, then the long dark winter days would not be so boring.

What advice do you have for photographers just starting out?
Barbara & Victoria: Shoot, shoot, shoot!!! Everyday and not fear! The more you shoot the more you learn! Keep doing what you feel. Look at the big fashion magazines, analyse & view the best photographs from the great photographers. Read, watch and learn, more and more.

Project: "Frozen"


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