New Season SS'18: Mischka Aoki - extreme luxurious fashion which existed within 18th century France

For Spring Summer 2018 Mischka Aoki alludes to the setting of the illustrious tale of the more commonly titled “Beauty & the Beast”. Many adaptations of the 18th-century folktale have been produced over time, but the collection itself references the opulent finery and extreme luxurious fashion which existed within 18th century France.

For SS18 regality influences the monumental crinoline structure of A Most Peculiar Mademoiselle and Beauty & the Beast dresses. A luxurious tulle neck ruff accompanied with intricate gold metal thread embellishment, forms intimate detailing of The Queen dress, giving a nod to high society and the royal monarchy of its time.

Thousands of years have given many variations of the legendary fairy tale, but one aspect always remains consistent – Belle. Her character is brilliant and headstrong, a heroine in her own right which brings us to a modern day society of independent, self-reliant, young females of the future.

Mischka Aoki identifies with this modern day young woman, and embraces her with their powerful, stand out styles – Queen of Rose dress emulates fiery characteristics with its remarkable Red Peach colourway and three-dimensional floral elements, whilst keeping its signature romantic essence.

New for the brand this season; Mischka Aoki presents new trumpet shapes, exclusive crinoline styles, uniquely pleated tulle bodices, skirts and ruff necks and is proud to debut their luxury legwear – nude hosiery, adorned with crystals, beading, soft feathers and handcrafted embroidery, as part of their NEW Accessories line SS18 Collection.

This season makes reference to nature with lots of floral elements, from a large flower, embroidered designs to tiny three-dimensional blossoms fused with delicate feathers, complimenting lustrous gold bird embroideries. Colours include radiant red peach, powerful blues, glistening golds, soft pastel pinks and brilliant whites.


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