New Season FW'18: Meet the new couture creations of Mischka Aoki, fit for a princess

Precious Italian craftsman’s silks are used to create skirts that recreate geometric games and volumes. The classic shapes are broken by contemporary lines, the result of a continuous stylistic research. Luxurious French lace recreates an elegant game of transparency....

Meet the new couture creations of Mischka Aoki - fit for a princess.

Each and every Mischka Aoki dress is a unique form immersed in intricate detail, exquisite fabrics and a carefully thought composition of colors.

The color palette of this season is enriched with soft colors; Golden brown tones, light pink pastel, sugar paper, white and yellow and fuchsia brush strokes. Mischka Aoki offers its customers only the finest creation, from industry leaders to Royal Families worldwide and frequently seen on the Hollywood.

Mischka  Aoki  Fall  Winter  2017  Collection  tells  a  story  to  discover  and  live.  A delicate wind blowing us back to 1620, the candles restart to light, the dust is swept away. From the paintings on the walls of the palatial palace, ethereal girls animate and  revive  giving  life  to  the  great  and  cold  rooms,  now  abandoned,  on  the gentle and impalpable notes of Renaissance music.

The  young  girls,  who  in  time  have  preserved  their  altering  beauty,  wear sumptuous  and  luxurious  Mischka  Aoki’s  dresses,  leader  in  haute  couture dedicated to childrenswear.


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