NEW SEASON: Mischka Aoki Spring-Summer 2016 collection is inspired by the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty”

Mischka Aoki collection for the next Spring-Summer 2016 is inspired by the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty”.
The beautiful Princess Aurora victim of a terrible curse falls into a deep sleep and only the kiss of true love will be awake the charming girl.

The collection is designed for little princesses. Sophisticated and precious dresses are made by crystal beads, embroidered french lace, jacquard, brocade, tulle and high quality pleated fabrics.
Aurora wears bold and beautiful garments, elegant clothes shining thanks to magnificent embroideries made by Swarovski crystals.

Each dress has a name that recalls a moment of the story, like "And they Called Her Aurora" that symbolizes the birth of the little princess, a dress decorated with precious embroidery and floral pattern.

"The Sleeping Beauty" a tulle dress layered embellished with embroidery made by hand. This dress is the essence of style and grace, worn by Aurora waiting to be awake by the prince.

"Love First Kiss" dress worn by the Princess when awakened by the prince who saves her from the long sleep, the dress is made by pleated tulle and floral embroidery.

The dress "It's Maleficent" is a blaze of light tulle and floral patterns embroidered on the bodice, a dress worthy of the oldest and most powerful fairy of the enchanted kingdom.

"Hail to the Queen" :Aurora became Queen and she is ready with her princeto rule the kingdom, a sophisticated dress in white tulle with a bodice entirely embroidered with precious crystals that form of flowers.

To complete the look a footwear line entirely produced in Italy, with crystal applications and butterflies and flowers 3D effect.


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