It is the beginning of a new adventure ARISTOCRATA

The Royal Tale continues by opening the grand curtain to portray yet another magical place – Winter Wonderland. Deep royal colors, soft velvets, exquisite silks, cashmere and lace - all come together to tell the story about the extraordinary union of a little girl and her gracious, sincere companion – the chestnut colored stallion.

It is the beginning of a new adventure…
The collection “ARISTOCRATA” introduces three new signature prints – wild rose, cashmere knit and gracious horses.

Every piece in the collection is hand-made, including the beautiful accessories - footwear, hats, bags, knitwear and embroidery.
Each Royal Qiviuk garment is specially tailored and comes with a unique, individually addressed certificate, hand signed by Monsieur Dormeuil himself.

Photography: Linda Brinums (
Styling: Santa Bindemane (
Models: Alexandra, Anabelle, Emilia, Maya

Location: Kuksu Manor ( and Zirgzandales (


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