Chicco and the fairy tale in the woods AW'15

In a faraway theatre, behind a red velvet curtain, there was a party of tulle and pearls. Among magician's hats and silk yarns, every child discover the most beautiful door ever.

" Where is the little magician? A child asked.
"Maybe he lost himself in his top hat." Someone answered.
" I saw flowers in the magician's hat, rabbits, handkerchiefs, even butterflies. But I've never seen a little magician in a top hat"
And than puff! a child came out of the top hat.

One day a crazy foot decided to crawl in order to look at the world from a different angle. All the others followed suit because the wolrd looked nice from down below. Like kittens they would roll on carpets, hide under beds, bounce on sofas and they would dote on themselves in front of the mirrors.


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