Graci Interview Questions

Best known for their flamboyant fashion pieces for girls, Graci creates dresses of liquid silk and soft tulle all sprinkled with clever uses of sparkling stones and quirky finishing touches.


What kind of little girl were you?

The truth is that I was a little smug girl. I loved to have a different type of contests and competitions with my friends: make-up, hairdressing,  costumes etc...

What kind of clothes did you dislike wearing?

A school uniform outfits, of course. I had to wear it all my childhood until 18 years old.

What's your favorite? 
Special occasion dresses were my favorite! I could dress freely whatever I wanted. 
I used to change clothes at least twice a day, and loved anything with shiny colors and sequins, specially costumes!

Tell us about the first fashion experience that you really marked your childhood?
All of my school books and notebooks were full of the fashion figures drawings, and at the age of four, I got my first drawing award. 

How did you develop your skills as a fashion designer?
I learned a lot from my mother. She is the professional tailor.

Red Tulle Dress with Bow

How did you manage to launch your own fashion line?

The Graci story began in 1972 when we started manufacturing the special babies garments for the upscale stores in Bilbao. The great demand for our fashion has pushed Graci to create a structure able to meet all those requests.
I feel very lucky when to understand the biggest bulk of the way had already done. 

Where did the name Graci come from?
Graci comes from Gracia Martin, my mother and the founder of the company.

Why did you launch into girl's Haute Couture dresses?

We are located in the Basque Country, the land of the great artist like BALENCIAGA or Paco Rabanne, so the scent of Haute Couture here in the air. 
Graci’s collection used the different lines, but Haute Couture line is always in our priority, that's why we concentrated on it.

Gold Dress With Embroidered Tulle

How does it feel when you see a child in one of your designs? 

OH! These feelings so hard to express. I'm full of happiness when mothers and kids have an understanding on Graci's creativity and appreciate our craftsmanship.  
The most part of our designs could be personalized by the kids themselves easily; they can remove or change for example the flower details or jewel pieces, all kids adore it!


Could you describe the Graci girl?

Graci girl is a modern princess; sophisticated, elegant, a little lady in vogue. She is a princess who follows the latest fashion trends.

What are your design signatures and How would you describe your own personal style?

Exclusivity is our personal signature, and this is what we give to each of our pieces. We want each garment or accessories of Graci was a piece of art. We use only high-quality materials; printed silks, jewel accessories or even Valentino’s embroideries or hand made flowers. Moreover, we add to our collection some 18k gold plated pieces or sterling silver on the bags which are crafted by expert goldsmiths. Graci pays special attention and care in selecting materials and fabrics. You’ll often find liquid silks, soft tulle, embroidered or vaporous chiffon embroidered, combined with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals. Graci also works with exclusive fabrics and materials, which guarantees the collection’s unique style.

Girls Ivory Floral Bag (19cm)

What is your opinion on the current childrenswear market? What are the biggest trends of the moment?

Today, many young brands and companies have fresh ideas and very innovative garments. This is something essential for the market. Fortunately, each designer brings its own trends and gives the market a wide range of creations and highly diversified designs, which allows the customer identify themselves with the brands.

The ready-to-wear children's fashion industry is booming, with more and more luxury 
collections being launched. Why? 

Children are happy, magic, beauty, innocence. I guess the designers can express their creativity and feel extreme when it comes to children fashion.This is a great feeling; like a trip to the childhood.


Can you describe the design process when creating your children's collections?

Usually, we start the creative process together with the fabric designers. They keep us aware of the latest trends inside the new fabrics; laminated, printed, embroidered. Only then we can drive the collection by adapting the new patterns and designs. Each collection is a new re-invention.

And what about fashion line for adults? 

We are still far away from this project.

What do you love the most about your job? 
The creative process.

What's your greatest strength?
Being always positive and optimistic.

What's your greatest weakness?
I'm very stubborn.

What ís the one trait that makes a kid attractive?
Their smile, of course.

What ís todayís goal?
The new Spring-Summer 2016 collection

What advice do you give young people who have a big dream like you had?
I would tell them follow your dream and start today! Great dreamers should grow to be independent. 



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