Feel the wind with the Ginger Brownie collection

The 2015 Spring/Summer collection was inspired by a vintage circus, which spiced up with a hint of French elegance. This duality creates the real Ginger Brownie world. The use of special materials, the pastel shades and the citations of vintage style on the buttons are modern and classic at the same time.  The spotted and striped materials actualize, the spatial use of rhombuses redefine the circus.

"In every season, we have guest designers who are getting involved in the Ginger Brownie brand and helping us extend the concept of each individual seasons.  For the Spring/Summer collection, we made unique, hand-made pins, headbands, barrettes. The patterns of the accessories harmonized with the clothes’ colors, and they perfectly completed the classic, clean-cut lines." - said the designer Luca Beke.

"Ginger Brownie for me is synonymous with my childhood ... My grandfather's garden comes to mind. The carefully groomed, geometric precision crafted lines. The smell of herbs, which are mixed with acacia, lavender and jasmine fragrance.
It is fabulous and real at the same time…The  world where the elves and fairies live at the base of plants. They have tiny bodies, reddish-blondish curly hair, and they are always smiling. Hearing their laughter the flowers are spreading their petals and greet their little helpers.

Their friends, the urchins accompany them with their spikes retracted, taking care not to damage anyone. The glimmer of chinas, the tinkle of crystal glasses, the taw, all of them presented a whole new world to me and revealed the illusion of infinity. I spent hours laying int he grass and watching the sun through this small planet, thinking that somewhere someone in this moment does exactly the same. In the next moment, we were rushing to play with my brother.

To discover new worlds unknown to us, to travel in time and space, to collect pebbles, chase butterflies, dream. It’s a perfect world where everything is complete and whole. It’s an imagined world, but I know it exists somewhere, and it will come closer to us if we believe in it. These memories inspire the Ginger Brownie children’s clothes. We are changing these feelings into material! "

The idea of the brand was born in 2010, but the first collection debuted in the 2015 spring-summer season. The Ginger Brownie dreams up fabulous clothes and accessories for children from 2 to 6 years old. Each garment is limited edition. In details, they are showing current trends, but they are eternal pieces, which the material manipulation’s fabulous world, the unique and classic design makes complete.

Photo: Gabriella Kóródi
Model: Lujzi


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