Thursday, 9 October 2014

This season Kids on the Moon brand take us on a journey in space AND in time

This season Kids on the Moon brand take us on a journey in space AND in time.
Nothing is as it seems – illusions play with our senses. Minimal simplicity of design is paired with softness and cosiness of fabrics.

The world is seen in 4 dimensions. In SPACE TIME! 3-D is represented by geometrical shapes of autumn ponchos and vests, sculptured skirts and soft structures of padded

Time as the 4th dimension is reflected by time warps and the feeling of déjà vu’s as unicorns and ruffles re-appear. Hermes Dress allows the wearer to travel at light-speed and by Déjà vu tops warp the familiar fabric into new models. The world stops at a standstill when kids find comfort in warm
and cosy hoods of Galileo top and Star Messenger Ponchos. Everything seems familiar and new at the same time – because fashion is a continuous journey into space and time!

The dominant colours of Kids on the Moon AW2014/15 collection are greys, grey melange, blues and honey.

Fabrics include padded and non-padded quilts, striped cotton, organic denim  (pale and dark), jersey and tulle.

Photo: Pszemek Dzienis
Set design: Natalia Kacper-Mleczak
Graphic design: Berlincut
Art Direction: Kids on the Moon

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