Saturday, 14 October 2017

Friday, 6 October 2017

ALALOSHA have just launched on new Instagram account today

We know it took a little while but now we're on instagagaramalama too.
Follow us and stay up-to-date with all things happening in the ALALOSHA universe!

Thursday, 5 October 2017

NEW!! Elisabetta Franchi launches her debut “La mia bambina” collection for little girls

Little girls love to feel like modern princesses and the collection lets them live out a fairy tale with a glamorous touch”, says the designer Frachi.  La mia Bambina collection for the little girls who want to dream, lines with a graphic effect and items embellished with laminated gold profiles. Finally, for a fun favourite there’s Betty Doll, the designer’s icon added as a print or embroidery to give a personal touch to the looks.

Stars are a leitmotif of the Elisabetta Franchi – La mia Bambina collection!

Must Have of the Day: New collection by Billieblush that will let little girls shimmer and shine

A sparkling, poetic and sassy brand for girls who want to live in a playful, enchanted world. A gorgeously girly universe, with touches of sweetness and fun for modern day princesses!
Packed with pretty pastels, colourful embellishments and plenty of sparkle, Billieblush offers a collection filled with fun and femininity.

Must Have of the Day: A whimsical Gucci's story about Alchemist's Garden

Drop into the autumn with Gucci's latest Fall Winter 2017 collection, a whimsical story about Alchemist's Garden embellished with metal moths and lion heads.
"It's a big trip in my personal garden which is mine but also Gucci's, and it expresses all the ideas of me, all of my obsessions."
Gucci Creative Director

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